Eastern European Machine Learning Summer School

7-15 July 2021, Virtual Budapest Hungary

Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, EEML2021 will be online.

Important dates

Registration deadline: June 22nd 2021, 23:59 Anywhere on Earth

Registration is be free for all accepted participants!


Aaron Courville

University of Montreal & MILA

Alexey Dosovitskiy

Google Brain

Csaba Szepesvári

University of Alberta & DeepMind

Doina Precup

McGill University & DeepMind

Ferenc Huszár

University of Cambridge

Josef Sivic

Inria France & CTU Prague & ELLIS

Max Welling

University of Amsterdam

Mihaela van der Schaar

University of Cambridge

Rada Mihalcea

University of Michigan

Tom Griffiths

Princeton University

Organising team

Doina Precup

McGill University


Ferenc Huszár

University of Cambridge

Gergő Orbán

MTA Wigner Research Centre

Virtual platform

Gabriel Marchidan


Feel IT Services

Program committee

Andrei Margeloiu, University of Cambridge

Ankur Handa, Nvidia

Balázs Meszéna, Wigner Institute

Cătălina Cangea, University of Cambridge

David Gergely Nagy, Wigner Institute

David Szepesvari, DeepMind

Doina Precup, McGill U. & DeepMind

Ferenc Huszár, University of Cambridge

Gergo Orban, Wigner Institute

Jimmy Shi, University of Oxford

Milad Alizadeh, University of Oxford

Natasha Latysheva, DeepMind

Razvan Pascanu, DeepMind

Sonal Joshi, Johns Hopkins University

Viorica Patraucean, DeepMind



If you are interested in sponsoring our school, please get in touch at contact@eeml.eu to find out more about the benefits available for sponsors.

The previous editions of the school can be found at TMLSS2018 (report), EEML2019 (report), EEML2020.