School venue

Lectures and tutorial sessions will be held at the Science & Technology Park (Naučno Tehnološki Park) of the University of Novi Sad.

Address: Fruškogorska 1, Novi Sad, Serbia.

Poster printing: If you were selected to present a poster at the school, you could print it in Novi Sad, e.g. at Bonus PO next to the school venue. Price: ~22 EUR for A0 format. To make sure the poster is ready in time, you could email it in advance at


School participants have the option to stay in the university dorms (dorm1, dorm2) pre-booked for our participants. Distance: 15 minutes walk from the school venue.

Price: 12 EUR / night, single room, private bathroom, towels and bed linens provided. 

Check-in: Sunday July 14, 2024Check-out: Sunday July 21, 2024.

If you need to travel earlier than the check-in date or later than the check-out date, please contact us (contact at eeml dot eu) to ask about availability. 

Hotels close to the EEML venue

If you prefer to stay in Novi Sad outside the university dorms or outside the school dates, there are several hotels we would recommend that are mostly concentrated in the city center, about 15 min walking distance or 2 stations by public transport (bus). 

See below some hotels we would recommend. Please contact the hotels directly to make booking arrangements and payment. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you prefer to stay in a hotel, it is important to book accommodation as soon as possible. Due to EXIT festival July 10-14, a large number of visitors is expected in Novi Sad during the period of July 07- 15.

Travel info

Flying to Belgrade Nikola Tesla international airport

Belgrade Nikola Tesla airport is the closest to the school venue in Novi Sad (~83 km).

Flying to alternative Airports

It is also possible to reach Novi Sad from Timişoara Airport (2h40min) and Budapest Airport (~3h) using minibus transfers which need to be pre-booked. Please enter the details of the minibus provider in the registration form if you choose this option.

NOTE: This type of transport includes border crossings between these EU countries and Serbia, and could add additional delays.

Traveling from Belgrade airport / city centre to Novi Sad

From Belgrade Nikola Tesla airport

We will be organising transport from the airport to Novi Sad for all participants arriving on Saturday 13/07 or Sunday 14/07. Please make sure to provide your arrival details (time / flight number) in the registration form.

In case you will be arriving sooner, you can take a Taxi from the airport to Novi Sad. Make sure you use the official taxi service from the airport desk, and agree on the price before traveling. The standard price is around 50 EUR.

As a cheaper alternative, you can take bus number 600 (timetable in Serbian) from the airport to Belgrade "Centar" train station, and then the train to Novi Sad train station (timetable). See section below for more details.

For returning from the school back to the airport you can use either the taxi service or the train+bus option.

From Belgrade city centre, there are two main ways: bus and train. 

The trains run from two main railway stations in Belgrade ("Prokop - Belgrade Centar" and "Novi Beograd"). The trains run approximately every hour, and take 30-60 mins to arrive to Novi Sad (depending on the service). The cost is approximately 5-10 EUR. The tickets can be purchased online (SrbijaVoz website), via the SrbijaVoz app (iOS, Android), or at the machines at the train stations. You can buy them on the spot before traveling, but for peak-time travel, it is recommended to pre-book them online in case they get sold out.

The buses run frequently from Belgrade main bus station, and take 45-60min to reach Novi Sad bus station. The tickets can be purchased at the bus station just before travel and cost around 10 EUR. This website in serbian contains the timetable.

Getting around Novi Sad

Novi Sad is very walking and cycling friendly. You can reach the city centre from the dorms in around 30 mins, and the venue in around 15-20 mins. 

Public transport is pretty frequent and the tickets are 1 EUR which can be bought on the bus for cash and are valid for the single bus ride.

Taxis are also common, there are taxi stops near the EEML venue and you can use the Yandex app (iOS, Android) to book taxis. Taxi drivers usually accept cash in Serbian Dinars (RSD) but some also accept cards. Make sure to ask the driver for the estimated cost and whether they accept cards before you start the ride. All taxis are equipped with a taxi meter. 

Getting to the dormitories from the bus/train station

The bus and train station in Novi Sad are next to each other. You can reach the venue and the dorms from the stations by taxi which takes around 15 min and costs around 10 EUR. Alternatively, you can use public transport (bus) which takes around 30min and costs 1 EUR if you buy it with cash in the bus.

General info

Novi Sad is the second largest city in Serbia, after the capital Belgrade. It is the capital of the autonomous region Vojvodina, and lies on the banks of the Danube river.

Serbia is an Eastern European country. The official language is Serbian, but you have good chances of finding English speakers in public places like restaurants/bars. The currency is Serbian Dinar (RSD). You can exchange foreign currencies to RSD in exchange offices around the city, they offer better rates than banks. Most places accept card and contactless payments.