School venue

Lectures and lab sessions will be held at the University of Vilnius, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics.

Address: Naugardukas st. 24, Hall 101

Accommodation (see map above for addresses of dorms and hotel)

Indicate your preferred choice in the registration form received by email.

  • Shared dorm room (2 persons), 6EUR / night / person, 30 minutes by bus, breakfast provided at the school venue (Saulėtekio st. 39A)

  • Shared hotel room (2 persons), 29EUR / night / person, 7 minutes walk, breakfast included (Kauno st. 14)

  • Hotel double room single occupancy, 58EUR / night / person, 7 minutes walk, breakfast included (Kauno st. 14)

The check-in can be made on Sunday (July 10th). The check-out can be made on Friday (July 15th). If you need to travel earlier than the check-in date or later than the check-out date, please contact us (contact at eeml dot eu) to ask about availability.

Payment details will be provided once you submit your choice.

Other hotels close to the school venue (no arrangement in place for these, you need to book on your own):

Travel info

Please prepare for travelling within Vilnius in advance:

Download the necessary apps, and setup you preferred payment option, so you can travel in Vilnius with one click of a button.

Traveling via carriers:

Bolt - Most common carrier in Vilnius, download Bolt app from

Uber - Second largest carrier in Vilnius, download Uber app from

Preliminary price traveling with carriers:

Airport - Venue 5-12 Eur, ~10 min (depending on time and demand)

Airport - Dorm 7-15 Eur, ~20 min (depending on time and demand)

Dorm - Venue 6-10 Eur, ~20 min (depending on time and demand)

Traveling via public transport (50% discount if you have student card):

Public transport (bus / trolleybus) prices are based on travel time (30/60 min (0.65 / 0.9 Eur) tickets) and are valid to change multiple buses with same ticket.

Buying the public transport ticket can be via multiple apps like Trafi.

Trafi - Most comfortable app for foreigners with maps, routes and timetables and waiting times, download app from App Store or Google Play.

Please note that after buying a ticket on Trafi app, you will need to activate it once you get on board.

Also, if you plan buy a ticket with a student discount, you will need to have your student card at hand.

Airport-Venue (Taraso Ševčenkos st. trolleybus stop), with 3G bus (30 min time ticket), ~15min 0.65 Eur (0.33 Eur if you have student card)

Airport-Dorm (Senoji plytinė trolleybus stop), with 3G bus will Europos aikštė stop, and from it with 4G bus or '19' trolleybus (60 min time ticket), ~60 min, 0.90 Eur (0.45 Eur if you have student card)

Dorm (Senoji plytinė trolleybus stop) - Venue (MO muziejus trolleybus stop), with number '2' trolleybus (60 min time ticket), ~30 min 0.90 Eur (0.45 Eur if you have student card)

General info

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania.

Nearest airport: Vilnius Airport (VNO) - about 20 minutes drive from the venue.

Lithuania is an Northern European country, belonging to the European Union. The official language is Lithuanian, but you have good chances of finding English speakers in public places like restaurants/bars. The currency is the Lithuania Euros (EUR). Most places accept card, and contactless payments.