Important dates

Application deadline: March 31 April 7, 2023, 23:59 Anywhere on Earth passed

Notification of acceptance: Early May, 2023

Note: Because of the ongoing war in Ukraine, we will not be able to provide visa invitation letters or travel grants to participants based in Russia. 

Application instructions

The school welcomes applications from candidates all over the world, regardless of their level of expertise in Machine Learning or whether they are students or not; see FAQ.

To apply for attending the school, you need to provide the following information:

The period for applications is closed.

Notes regarding the extended abstract

Recommendations for choosing among the four options of extended abstract:

In the application form, you will need to indicate the option you chose. Don't hesitate to contact us at contact at eeml dot eu if you are unsure about which type of abstract to select. 

Evaluation of the abstracts will be based on the aspects below: 

Research abstract:




Reasons for rejection:

Please contact us at contact at eeml dot eu if you have any questions regarding your choice of abstract, or the application process in general.