Schedule at a glance (all times in CEST-Budapest timezone)

Please find below details about the virtual format of this year's edition. The program features exciting elements (lectures, tutorial sessions, paper reading sessions, best practices discussions, mentoring sessions etc.) to facilitate interaction and networking.

The activities will be scheduled as a single track, with the exception of poster sessions where multi-track channels will be used to accommodate a larger number of presentations.

Virtual platform: The school will be structured as a private video live stream, similar to a podcast. All content will be available only to participants during the school. The recordings will be posted publicly after the school.

Lectures: We will use a live Youtube channel and a text-based platform for questions and discussions (slack, Participants can interact (ask questions or upvote existing questions) through the text-based platform.

Poster sessions: Short pre-recorded video presentations of the posters created by participants will be available to all the participants at the school. Feedback for the posters will be given by text or through an interactive platform (e.g. gather town).

Tutorial sessions: We will use the same setting as for lectures. Participants receive a starting code. The speakers explain the exercises and the coding tasks on the Youtube channel. Participants can send questions through the text platform.

Best practices discussions: Panel discussion with renowned researchers in the field, broadcasted on Youtube channel, with questions related to best practices on reading / writing / reviewing papers, running experiments for ML papers etc.

Panel: Live discussion with the organisers of the school and possibly other speakers, broadcasted on the Youtube channel, to give participants more chances to ask questions.

Mentoring sessions (optional): Participants can sign up for a mentoring session with ML experts. The session involves 1 mentor and 4-6 mentees.

Unconference sessions: We will create teams and discuss topics chosen by participants voting. The discussions start in smaller groups, then each team designs a representative to present the pitch live on the Youtube channel.

Paper reading sessions: We will choose a number of seminal papers and these will be discussed during interactive sessions.

Industry keynotes: Format similar to lectures.

Virtual booths: Companies receive a designated space on the virtual platform to post a recorded video to describe their company. They can post job ads, etc.

Socialising events: a number of events such as board games sessions, virtual tour of Budapest, and more will be included in the schedule to facilitate interaction and networking.